03 November 2007

Pickles, Hold the Ice Cream

Weight: 159 lbs
Mood: Normal
Medications: PIO shot 1/2 twice daily

Sorry, but I don't feel pregnant. I just don't. The boobs are a side effect of the PIO injections and while nicer than my normal ones, don't mean anything. We went out for dinner last night and I tried to show my sister the pictures of my embies before anyone else showed and she didn't have much oppurtunity to look. They aren't exactly impressive anyway.

What will I do better my next cycle? I will cut my exercise to one hour and force myself to eat my daily intake plus an extra 300 calories. I'll try to avoid artificial sweeteners, pop, beer, caffeine and wine and go for the lean protein and fatted dairy. I will take 3 whole days after retrieval to recover too. Five aetretic eggs where five lost oppurtunities. We only had a 25% 4cell to blast rate when we should have had closer to 50%. Between me and the RE maybe we can get a good protocol sorted out. I so wanted to have embies on ice just in case and I have nothing.

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