03 July 2008

It's a Girl!

My daughter was born by planned (but unscheduled) C-section on 06/30/2008. She was 5lbs 13.5oz and 20in long. We had irratable cervix and bleeding in early 2nd tri and then found an eccentric cord insertion at 19 week ultrasound (which is 3x as frequent in IVF). Our eccentric cord insertion went to velimenous cord insertion at 26 week ultrasound which resulted in slowed fetal growth & low amniotic fluid...also with low amniotic fluid baby couldn't turn from being breech, so when they got positive lung development at 37w ultrasount they pulled her that day. My OB knew it was possible and I made sure I didn't eat anything after breakfast so we could do it that day if needed. She technically is normal birth weight and full term, so only the C-section was unsual.