12 December 2007

Kicked to the Curb

Had my last u/s with RE and have been given the boot the the OB. Dh came along and was a wee bit bubbly. We're at 20mm which puts us at 8w4d when my date is 8w6d....constistant with the 7 day transfer of slow blasts. hb = 178 ...wow, that's triple my resting rate. Saw stubby little arm buds, big head, and curling umbilical cord. Placenta is placed on upper posteior, which I guess is good. So no more "bean" we are in "grape" territory.

RE said he usually does final u/s at 9.5 weeks but he is leaving for Carribean cruise today and pushed it up earlier. Said at 9.5 weeks 99% of fatal trisomies will have resulted in m/c, so he said at 8.5 weeks he's 95% sure my pg is viable. He also dictated a note to my OB indicating I was not high risk and should only need genetic tests indicated by my age. *yeah*

Dh then proceeded to harrange me about how big this baby was gonna be...9-12 lbs runs in his family, 7-9 lbs in mine. Whoa boy! When Dh is 6'5.5" and I'm 5'11" the genetics run big.

I really wanted to go to Coldstone Creamery on the way back. I had saved extra calories just for the outting and it was closed with a sign on the door for employees to call to get information on why the store was closed. *bummer* Ended up eating my diet ice cream at home.

I guess this is my last blog until birth, because I have left my RE and the realm of IVF/ART. Big kudos to Dr. Daly & his staff at Grand Rapids Fertility & IVF making this possible. I can't say that I have enjoyed myself, but I do finally feel optimistic about finally becoming a mother.