04 November 2007

Oops, Almost Forgot to Blog

Weight: 161 lbs
Mood: tired
Medications: PIO shots twice daily 1/2 ml

Not much to report today. Slept in, went to gym and then I checked out the new Cascade Meijers. Nice store, I could spend hours in there. Some of my wierder purchases: frozen squid, mint-licorice mentos, wine gummy candy, spotted dick (British sponge bread with raisins), India butter chicken sauce, tofu noodles and leeks.

Nothing much on the IVF front, I don't feel pregnant. My legs are killing me though. My upper thighs are black and blue all over and very stiff. I had dh do a butt shot just to give some relief.

I'm a bit put off by a fellow poster on the IVF boards, she's shrilly declaring that my RE's lab killed my embies because they cultured them to blast. Give me a break, they're a "Right to Life" clinic, they'd have transfered them on a Sunday if they couldn't handle the extra culture. This is the same person that complains that her Hispanic housekeeper farts too much and that IVF is accessable to everyone. She is a rich east coaster who has no clue it seems.


Sonja said...

I think the main concern in the IVF process is integrity. Is there enough trust in the doctor and has he explained us the complete process involved and taken us into confidence for the risks involved. When I first met Dr. Malpani, the technical aspects seemed overwhelming. It was then that he recommended that I browse his site : drmalpani.com and get back to him. That "time-out" for a complete study of the process with a thousand FAQs, gave me the trust I required.

sidra khan said...

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