05 November 2007

99% Accurate When Normal Hormone Levels Present

Weight: 160.4 lbs
Mood: Bummed Again
Medications: PIO IM shots 1/2 ml twice daily

Well I used the home pregnancy test today and got a big fat negative (BFN). My beta test is Thursday, but I wouldn't be surprised if my period showed before that. Ok, I admit that I am only 4 days past a 7 day transfer, but I didn't even get a whisper of a line and the test I took was supposed to be sensitive enough to read 5 days before your expected period.

I kinda used the gym as a place to work out some of those negative emotions. Wendy really worked us hard in Spinning class and I didn't exactly hold back. As my true BFN approaches, I try to steer myself back into normal thinking. I'm going to go audition for "Guys & Dolls" tonight, that should put me back into normalcy for then next three monthes at least. I figure we'll cycle again in February after the musical and before we audition for "Nunsence" which stages in late April.

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