02 November 2007

No Beer for Embies

Weight: 159 lbs
Mood: Sleepy but Sure
Medications: PIO shots 1/2 ml twice per day.

I'm officially 1 day past 7 day transfer of 2 blasts = 1dp7dt. They had birthday food for Jan down in Planning & Zoning and I cowed on low fat cheesecake bars and trail mix. I better be pregnant because I'll be paying the piper come the day after beta if I'm not. We are going out to the Walldorff tonight with 4 other couples. No beer for me! No caffine for me either.

Dh isn't too thrilled with the no sex restriction for 5 full days, hopefully he won't start crawling the walls too soon. I'm not supposed to jog, run or lift heavy weights. I did rake today though, they didn't say anything about that. I just cannot believe someone would have the patience to go on bed rest for 2 or 3 days after transfer.

My left nipple is feeling present...which is NOT and indication of pregnancy. My left nipple always does this about 5 days before my period. It's normal.

I'll try to remember to scan the picture of my blasts to post up here this weekend. You can really tell the good one from the bad.

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babymajic said...

Looks like we are in this 2week wait together, worst part of the entire cycle. I am at the end of mine and will get my BFN on Wed. Good luck to you hopefully one of us will walk away with a BFP:)